Fictional Characters and Love

As we get older we get wiser and 


 Sleep Never Comes

Pretty standard amazing day. I woke at 7am, checked all my social media sites until 8am and then finally got out of bed at 8:30. I’d slept a good 10 hours, more than I do on a regular basis. I had breakfast, went shopping and then did my workout before the Super Bowl started. I had an IPA beer and dinner around 7:30. I went upstairs at 8:30 and started my nightly routine of getting ready for bed. At 9pm as I laid in my bed, my sister texted me she needed help with a letter. I got up to get my MacBook and drafted a letter for her. At 11:30pm I put my computer away and tried to fall asleep. It’s 2:13am now and sleep has eluded me!! I have to be up at 5:30am. I am not happy ūüėĒūüėĒ

Unrequited Love

Even by definition, this phenomenon is exacerbating! ¬†The word its self “unrequited” is enough to bring a tear to anyone’s eye who has had first hand experience. ¬†Normally I reserve this for those less fortunate than I. ¬†Yet, here I find myself in the throws of this emotion. ¬†I think I am a fairly competent capable woman of means and integrity who can contribute much to a relationship, but alas, I find myself longing for someone who doesn’t even acknowledge the fact that i’m interested in him! ¬†I’m not sure where I dropped the ball exactly, or that he’s just such a nice, polite guy that he wouldn’t acknowledge it since he’s just NOT interested!! Ugh, that hurts to even contemplate! ¬†I’d like to think that I’ve reached a certain age when I can read a guy and know what’s he’s thinking…..obviously I’m completely clueless! ¬†What makes this even more humiliating is that I’ve shared my desires for him with several of my friends!! How does a 40-something year old go back to feeling like a 12 year old with her first crush? ¬†Any thoughts or comments are always appreciated. =)

MLB AllStar Home Run Derby (The Sisters’ Journey Continues)

Well today didn’t go as planned. ¬†I woke up with a wicked sore throat, killer headache and cough! ¬†I managed to get some breakfast in, but then bailed on volunteering at FanFest. ¬†Bummed, but needed the rest. ¬†Around 4ish I dragged my butt out of bed and then headed down to The Great American Ballpark to meet up with my sisters. ¬†We scored a sweet parking spot and an even better table at Yard House. ¬†Alas, we did not go into ¬†the ballpark since the tickets were a little pricey and the possibility of rain loomed. ¬†The atmosphere was electric! ¬†The city of Cincinnati has been most hospitable! ¬†The home town guy (Todd Frazier) won, so the atmosphere stayed electric! Although my sisters and I were rooting for our California boys (Albert Pujols and Joc Pederson) it was exciting to see the competition! ¬†Not much else to report since I was sick=( ¬†Tomorrow will be a better day!

Three Sisters On a Journey

Here we are July 2015 and we find ourselves at the MLB (major league baseball) festivities. ¬†I used to think EVERYONE knew about annual event until I met someone who asked what I meant when I told them I was headed out-of-town to enjoy these festivities. ¬†Normally, I get annoyed and not even respond, because seriously, if you have to ask, for me, it was never worth explaining. But he wasn’t just someone I was telling, he’s someone who I find absolutely interesting and possibly attracted to. ¬†Why possibly? ¬†Well, it’s complicated, he’s not typically my type. ¬†But I digress. I find myself with my sisters in Cincinnati at this event and I’m bored in the city. ¬†I haven’t really seen a lot of the city, but what I have, I haven’t been terribly impressed. ¬†Don’t get me wrong, the people here are very friendly and even engaging. ¬†I’m just surprised at the lack of “fun” events here. ¬†I’ve been volunteering at the Allstar Game since 2008 and this one has been the most boring so far. ¬†I can’t pinpoint the exact reason, but it’s just lacking. ¬†Luckily I have two sisters who share the journey with me, so we’re taking advantage of the down time and catching up on some much needed rest! ¬†I shall endeavour to prove myself wrong tomorrow and check in!